What is Balance Training & Fall Prevention?

We can help you reduce your fall risk, improve your balance and help you avoid losing your independence.

  • This is a system of retraining your body to move in ways to maintain your balance  
  • Often as people age, their loss of balance control comes from not moving as often, in as large of ranges and amplitudes of movement and in more controlled environments 
  • Over time this leads to a loss of confidence with daily mobility and fear of falling can ensue  
  • We address these limitations to put you back on track to moving in confidence to reduce your fall risk 

Who Can Benefit?

  • Anyone who notices a decline in their confidence with walking and moving around the community or their home  
  • Everyone who has fallen in the past year
  • Those with a general decline in function (often noticed by family members first)  

How Does it Work?

  • Our approach is comprehensive by addressing your strength, agility, balance reactions & joint flexibility
  • Each one of these can be a limiter in your balance control and by putting all of these components together we can help you move more confidently and reduce your fall risk
  • Do not wait for a fall to happen to do something about it!  Be proactive and protect yourself

Did you know….?

  • According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of people over the age of 65 fall every year
  • 50% of those individuals do not share that problem with their primary care provider
  • 10,000 people every day turn age 65 in the U.S.
  • Falls are a significant cost to our healthcare system but more importantly falling impacts individuals lives and those of their family as their resulting independence declines



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