Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral or prescription to see a physical therapist?

The State of Oregon allows you to be treated by a physical therapist without a prescription. This allows you to get the help you need faster and much more economically. Some insurance companies may require that you have a prescription after your initial visit and if so, we’ll let you know.

What information do I need to provide at the first visit?

Please bring your insurance ID cards, drivers license, a prescription (if you have one) and any surgical reports or imaging reports (MRI, x-rays, etc.) You may request your physician send these to us in advance of your visit. You may also fill out our intake forms here to bring to your first appointment.

What should I wear for my treatment sessions?

Wear something comfortable that allows access to the area to be treated. This is important! We are very hands-on in our approach and to provide a thorough exam and treatment we need to see what we’re working on! You will likely be moving around as well so clothes that you might wear to the gym are usually great options.

How long will my appointment last?

Generally your appointments will last between 40-60 minutes.

How often will I come to treatment?

Your schedule is based on your individual needs. Initially we often see patients twice a week as we treat and educate you on your condition and how to compliment what we do through a home exercise program. We will treat you as long as you need and until we help your achieve your goals.

I think I need treatment but am not sure. Can you give me an opinion?

Sure! We offer a free consultation so that you can have your questions answered. If you wish, we can start treatment right away if it is appropriate. Sometimes PT is not the answer and we’ll help you determine if it’s not. If you need to see a physician, we have relationships with many specialists in the area and will facilitate getting you the care that you need.

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