Despite our best intentions there are nearly 6.3 million motor vehicle accidents occurring every year. You may find yourself having been in an auto accident and needing treatment for an injury. We know how to effectively treat injuries through auto accident physical therapy.

What is our approach?

Often after a car accident you will be told by your doctor that you are ok and to expect soreness over the next few days. The first day you feel okay, but on the second and third day you feel significantly worse. But the x-rays or MRI said you were fine, right? What’s going on? You are likely experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness with a whiplash injury now presenting itself. Should you stretch, rest or get a manipulation? A thorough auto accident physical therapy evaluation can help you know what treatment regimen works best.

Treatment will be tailored to your specific injury

We want to make sure we help you by:

  • Relieving your acute and immediate pain
  • Gently restore motion in your joints and muscles
  • Gradually increase your strength to re-engage the tissues that were damaged
  • Help you return to your daily activities in a pain free manner and educating you on good mechanics and coordination of your body



million motor vehicle accidents per year



billion US dollars per year on motor vehicle accidents

distracted driving accidents cause over


injuries per day according to the CDC



hours before injuries present themselves

Auto Accident Injuries We Treat


Whiplash is a neck injury caused by forceful or intense back and forth motion of the neck. This injury causes pain, stiffness and limited movement in the head, neck and shoulders. Physical therapy can help relax and gently stretch the neck muscles.

Sprains, Strains, and Tears

Sprains and strains usually occur when someone twists, falls or hits something in a way that forces the body out of its normal position. A sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament, while a strain is also a stretch or tear, but involves a muscle or tendon.


A concussion occurs from any event where the brain is jarred or shakes within the skull either from a direct blow to the head or indirectly to the body. Visit our Concussion Rehabilitation page to find out more!

Back & Spine Injuries Auto Accident Physical Therapy

Injuring the back and spine can not only be painful, but can severely limit your mobility. Check out our Spine Injury page for more information!


While fractures are clean breaks, a stress fracture is a small crack or severe bruising of a bone. Stress Fractures occur when your muscles become tired and fatigued and are unable to absorb the shock from activity. Pain is the most common symptom of a fracture, along with tenderness and swelling.

If you are looking for physical therapy after a car accident, Evolve Physical Therapy has advanced knowledge and expertise on injuries caused by an auto accident.

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