Neck & Back Pain

Neck & back pain treatment is an area of care that we specialize in providing. The solution might be a simple stretch or a bit more complex. We can help you determine what the source is and the best treatment solution.

What does neck and back treatment involve?

There are many different potential sources and expressions of your neck or back pain. Sometimes it’s not even pain in the spine, but rather the shoulder or hand, the thigh or the foot. How do you know where the pain is originating from? A good example is a light that is flickering. You change the bulb a few times (i.e., massage your shoulder or rub your foot) to get some relief. But that doesn’t last and your symptoms return. Your problem may be that the nerve, like the wire going to the light, is inflamed or being irritated. The problem may lie at level of the switch, or in this case the spine, for a number of different reasons or problems. There are a number causes of neck and back pain and effective physical therapy treatments.

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Who Can Benefit?

Anyone with these common conditions (and many more):

How Does it Work?

Depending on your diagnosis and more importantly, your clinical presentation (what we find on exam), treatment for your back or neck pain will include joint or soft tissue mobility (manual, hands-on work to your muscles, tendons and ligaments), stretching, postural retraining to teach you good alignment and core stabilization & strengthening to keep you aligned and how to implement what you’ve learned into your daily life. Our approach is research based so you know you’re getting the benefit of not only our experience but also what the literature indicates is best.

Did You Know …?

  • Disc bulges are present in imaging studies of patients without symptoms in 50% of 40 year olds, 60% of 50 year olds and 69% of 60 year olds
  • Physical therapy can give the same results as surgery (without the risks and complications) for spinal stenosis as identified in this study
  • Obtaining advanced imaging first creates more cost and prolonged symptoms for the same outcome as seeing a physical therapist first
  • 80% of the US population will suffer at least one episode of low back pain in their lifetime