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Concussion Rehabilitation

Evolve Physical Therapy are experts on concussion rehabilitation treatment. Leaving your concussion untreated can lead to life long consequences.

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We Are Concussion Rehabilitation Specialists

What is our approach?

A concussion occurs from any event where the brain is jarred or shakes within the skull either from a direct blow to the head or indirectly to the body. Since the injury is to the brain, symptoms can include dizziness or vertigo, low energy, nausea, inability to concentrate or sleep well and poor memory among other symptoms. Concussion rehabilitation traditionally required complete rest as the best course of treatment, however the latest research indicates early activity and progressive exercise centered around symptom management is the best course of care.

Why we are different

You will always receive the highest quality of care by working with an experienced, licensed physical therapist. No techs. No aides. No assistants. No double booking.

Our physical therapy goal is to provide the best help that we can to ensure you have a healthy, more pain-free life! We do not have aids and assistants because we want all of our patients to get the right care and treatment plan from our most qualified physical therapists. We cut out the middle man to give you the most effective treatment. 

How does concussion rehabilitation treatment work?

Treatment of a concussion, more accurately referred to as a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), is a specialized area of care in which the physical therapist is a key member of the team. Treatment requires a carefully customized approach as each person’s clinical presentation and symptoms can widely vary.

Did you know?

Imaging, such as an MRI or CT, scan will not detect a concussion even if you’ve had one

Losing consciousness happens in about 10% of those who have a concussion

Second concussions suffered before one has recovered from the first are much more serious

High school athletes’ recovery time for a sports concussion are longer than those of college athletes

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What Kind of Vertigo or Dizziness Do I Have?

BPPV is an intense form of vertigo, which is a disturbing sensation that your world is spinning out of control. That’s Me!

Cervical dizziness can be caused by various neck problems that contribute to the sensation of feeling “cloudy” and imbalance. That’s Me!

Central dizziness is often described as feeling of imbalance or “unsteady in the head” with or without movement. That’s Me!

Balance issues and falls are a result of losing the ability to quickly react to a balance challenge. This can occur as a result of vertigo. That’s Me!

If you have a similar story and are here to learn about different vestibular conditions, you are at the right place! Click on the icons above to find out more about vestibular issues. We will help get you back to the real you – stable, secure and feeling better to live your life.

Concussion Rehabilitation

We treat an array of concussion injuries at Evolve PT and here are some of the most common causes of concussion:

Sports Injury

Sports Injuries can happen at all ages, all sports, and at all levels. Collisions and high impact falls are by far the most common. Check out our Sports Injury page for more information!

Auto Accidents

Concussions and head injuries are a frequent occurrence in auto accidents. Sudden impacts from a collision can leave you feeling pain, dizziness and nausea. Visit our Auto Accident page for more information!

Slips & Falls

Slips and falls can create enough force to cause concussions and brain injuries. If you fall and hit your head, watch for symptoms of dizziness, low energy, and the inability to concentrate.

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