Evolve Physical Therapy in Bethany

We’re thrilled to provide the highest-quality physical therapy in Bethany and the surrounding communities for the metro Portland area!


Evolve Physical Therapy in Bethany is located at the Albertson’s center in Northwest Portland. We are located near the corner of NW West Union Road and NW 185th Avenue in Bethany, Oregon.

Our clinic is easily found beside the Starbucks facing NW West Union Road. Convenient customer parking is located in the first two rows of the parking lot. We are located in a stand-alone building that can be accessed from multiple directions in Albertson’s parking lot.

Our Promise

At Evolve Physical Therapy in Bethany, we are dedicated to you!

  • You receive individualized, goal-oriented care
  • You see your Physical Therapist every visit
  • New appointments are available within 48 hours
  • We make understanding your insurance benefits easy

The Team at Evolve Physical Therapy in Bethany

matt whitaker male therapist owner

Matt Whitaker

Physical Therapist Jenny Hwang

Yu-Jen 'Jenny' Hwang

Laura Perry Physical therapist portland

Laura Perry

Eric Vicinus, PT, DPT Physical therapist portland

Eric Vicinus

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P: (971) 979 – 0979

F: (971) 979 – 0997

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