Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is suitable for anyone, and our bespoke approach means techniques from different massage modalities are combined in the most effective way to create a fully personalized experience every time. Whether it's for sports injuries or chronic aches and pains, each treatment is designed with a clear, outcome-based goal in mind. Treatments include a combination of deep tissue massage (or lighter pressure if preferred), myofascial release, trigger point therapy, various resisted or assisted stretching techniques, soft tissue release, and neuromuscular techniques. Hot stones are available as an add-on.


  • Releasing chronic muscle tension, aches, and pains
  • Improving flexibility, mobility and range of movement
  • Aiding recovery from injury and encouraging soft tissues to repair correctly
  • Reducing the risk of sports injuries and maintaining optimal sports performance
  • Preparing the body for competition, and promoting quicker recovery after competition or training
  • Lowering mental stress and anxiety
Massage therapy can be used for almost any type of chronic (long-term) pain condition, including tension headaches and migraines, repetitive strain injuries, and referred pain such as sciatica. It has been clinically proven to be an effective treatment for low back pain, anxiety, and depression. It reduces the levels of stress hormone cortisol, and helps in enhancing the feeling of well-being. Many studies have also linked massage with a more robust immune system and overall health. All massage therapy appointments include relevant self-care advice, empowering each client to have control over their continued well-being. This may include easy-to-follow stretches, postural advice, or massage self-care to support the massages and the overall treatment plan.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stones provide added benefits when combined with other manual techniques. The heat from the stones penetrates deeper into the soft tissues, and especially on chronically tight muscles, this allows for deep work with less discomfort. Applying this type of heat locally also helps to break down long-term adhesions (knots). And a luxurious full-body massage, using hot stones in combination with manual massage therapy techniques, provides a deep relaxation that's unlike any other type of massage. The basalt stones can also be used chilled. Cold stones are applied on their own for new injuries, inflammation, swelling, or post-event recovery, or combined with hot stones to really boost circulation. This is especially beneficial for chronic tension, or to speed up the healing process of soft tissue injuries after the initial acute stage.