Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialists

Our team of clinicians receives extensive ongoing training and mentorship in orthopedic rehabilitation to provide the highest quality of care.

We strive to ensure each patient is educated about their injury and informed of the anticipated outcome.

We believe strong communication creates accountability and is essential for patients to understand their role to be actively engaged in their rehabilitation with physical therapy.

We are proud to offer treatment by clinicians with advanced training for:

ACL Rehabilitation

Manual Therapy

Return to Play Testing

Physical Therapy using Strength Training

Pre & Post – Partum Physical Therapy

TMJ/TMD Dysfunction


Cycling/Bike Fit

Aquatic Rehabilitation

Track & Field Injuries

Physical Therapy for Pre & Post – Surgery

Overhead Athletes

Running Injuries

Physical Therapy using Pilates

Golf Injuries

Price Transparency

Our patient care coordinators contact your insurance company for you to determine your benefits, deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance. You’ll have this information and fully understand your costs before you ever step foot in our clinic.

Available when you need us – Appointments within 48 hours.

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