Do you have shoulder pain when you:

  • Reach overhead?
  • Try to sleep?
  • Reach to the side or behind you?
  • Get dressed?
  • Do work at home or in the yard?
  • Lift something heavy?

If you answered yes, and want to learn how to avoid medications, injections or surgery, register now!

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"Today, I'm much improved... I'm able to perform daily tasks, and my sleep is back to normal.” - Kristina M

Shoulder Pain Workshop
  • Wednesday, July 17th at 6:00 pm
  • 20510 SW Roy Rogers Rd
  • Suite 120
  • Sherwood, OR 97140

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Learn The Causes and Treatment Options For Shoulder Pain

At the Shoulder Workshop you will learn:

  • The Common Causes of Shoulder Pain
  • How The Correct Exercises Can Decrease Your Pain
  • What Effective Treatment Looks Like
  • Why Surgery Is Often Not The Best Option

Is The Workshop For You?

This workshop is for people looking for non-invasive treatment for shoulder pain.

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What Others Are Saying...


About a year ago, I injured my shoulder. I was afraid I might need to have surgery, but decided to call Evolve Physical Therapy after reading all of the promising reviews. After my first appointment with Matt W., I felt there was promise that my shoulder, through physical therapy and hard work, would be able to improve. At that time, I had very limited mobility of my arm, had difficulty lifting things, performing daily tasks, even sleeping comfortably was difficult.

Today, I'm much improved. My range of motion and strength is nearly all back, I'm able to perform daily tasks, and my sleep is back to normal. I've been to other physical therapists in the past, but they weren't nearly as informed as Matt. Other places felt like they delivered a "cookie cutter" routine that they used on everyone. At Evolve Physical Therapy, it feels like they take into consideration what you need individually to improve.

Thank you Matt for all of the hard work, dedication, and humor you provided during my recovery. Thank you Brittany and staff for always being so friendly and kind through the whole process. I recommend Evolve Physical Therapy to anyone who's looking to heal from injury, deal with chronic pain, or just wants to improve their health and feel better.

- Kristina M.

I had an amazing experience at Evolve. I initially went there to get my shoulder worked on, as it was shifted forward and was extremely painful to lift above my head due to a pinch caused by extreme overuse and improper treatment from volleyball. Not only was this problem fixed during my three months at Evolve, but I was also able to fine-tune other small problems in my back, legs, and feet. I was able to correct my posture and strengthen my back muscles very effectively, all thanks to the help of the amazing trainers at Evolve! I am now able to play volleyball again without being hindered by my previous shoulder pain, which I haven't been able to do in years. As Matt got to know me our sessions progressed to address the entire person, not just my specific injury. I would definitely recommend Evolve if you are in need of physical therapy!

- Megan G.

My experience with Evolve PT has been fantastic! Matt W. is an exceptional communicator. I had injured my shoulder and he thoroughly explained what the cause of pain was. When it came to the rehab process the purpose behind treatment was thoroughly explained as well. Treatment itself targeted the injury with exercises emphasizing being pain free. The pain symptoms of the injury were non-existent after the first session. Over the course of treatment my should not only healed but became stronger. I cannot more highly recommend Evolve PT!

- Steven R.

Matt Weissbach helped me resolve persistent post-surgical shoulder pain and weakness which hampered my daily activities and frustrated my attempts to return to overhead sports like basketball. He developed an array of strength-building and range of motion exercises tailored to break the cycle of weakness and inflammation to regain shoulder strength and mobility. Matt's expert knowledge of joint/muscle biomechanics, combined with great listening and teaching skills, helped me acquire the "buy in" mindset to execute my rehab program at home and work. At clinic visits, Matt made mid-course adjustments to increase my endurance and safely regain my activities while avoiding setbacks. When you leave the clinic, his coaching sticks with you. From my experience therefore, I'm truly comfortable suggesting to those seeking physical therapy to arrange an appointment with Matt and Evolve PT.

- Lew M.

I came into Evolve Physical Therapy with a rotator cuff injury in early December. Matt Weissbach actually took the time to evaluate my shoulder and figured out exactly what part I had hurt - he was actually much more thorough than the doctor. From there, he put together a program that had me back at Orangetheory within 6 weeks. I would highly recommend going here - they will definitely help you achieve your goals, and keep you laughing while you are at it.

- Sari S.