Vestibular Experts

Are You Suffering From Dizziness or Vertigo?

Matt Whitaker

Matt Whitaker, MPT

  • Masters in Physical Therapy
  • Treating Vestibular Disorders Since 1998
  • 10 years of Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Developed Vestibular Rehab Program for Loma Linda University
  • Faculty Instructor of Physicians & PTs at Loma Linda University
  • Studied Vestibular Rehab, 2000, Univ of Miami, School of Medicine

Do You Have Dizziness or Vertigo When You?

  1. Bend over to reach for something on the floor or with looking up
  2. Turn your head from side to side
  3. Lay down or roll over in bed
  4. Move your head or body quickly
If you have these symptoms we can help! Treatment can solve your problem, often on your very first visit to our clinic. Often nausea and a sensation of being “off” in your balance and general well being accompanies this problem. We can help you! Matt Whitaker, Physical Therapist, is a vestibular specialist who has treated dizzy and imbalanced patients for the past 20 years. He achieved the gold-standard in education for treating these conditions through the University of Miami in 2000 with the top clinicians and researchers in this area of care.

Don’t Suffer A Fall Or Injury Schedule an Appointment Now!

Did you know the Center for Disease Control and Prevention identifies falls as the leading cause of death and injury for those over the age of 65?
  • One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury​,1,2
  • Each year, 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries.​3
  • Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a head injury or hip fracture.​3
If you are having balance difficulties because of dizziness don’t be one of these statistics. We can help you.

See What Our Patients Are Saying...

Jesus P - Testimonial Photo
I was being treated for another condition at Evolve Physical Therapy when I awoke one morning with dizziness that I happen to mention to my therapist. He assessed me and treated me that day and within minutes my dizziness was taken care off. It was amazing how quickly it went away! Jesús P.

Maxine P - Testimonial Photo
I was having trouble with my balance and having dizziness with getting out of bed and when I stood up. I went to see Matt Whitaker and he provided a single treatment that actually took away the dizziness - it was painless! I am so pleased he is able to provide this care! Maxine P.

For years when I laid down to sleep and when I got up the world would spin for 15-20 seconds. When I came to see Matt for lower back pain I sat up and as usual I was really dizzy. Within a few treatments Matt was able to get the dizziness to go away completely! I had seen my medical doctor who did not have a solution and I basically dealt with it as a "normal" part of my life. After his treatment, I can now lay down and sit up without the world spinning! Thank you Matt! Tina R.

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References & Hotline Number (971) 213-3335
  1. Alexander BH, Rivara FP, Wolf ME. The cost and frequency of hospitalization for fall–related injuries in older adults. American Journal of Public Health 1992;82(7):1020–3.
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