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Virtual Physical Therapy

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Virtual Physical Therapy Visits

We offer virtual visits for patients who are unable to visit one of our physical therapy clinics.

What you’ll need for a virtual physical therapy appointment at Evolve:

An electronic device with a camera and microphone (e.g., laptop, tablet, or phone)

Internet connection

Your virtual physical therapy appointment includes:

Discussion of your current functional status, your injury, and all relevant past medical history

 Assess your range of motion (ROM), strength, stability, coordination, and balance

Analyze your movement patterns (e.g., walking, squatting, lifting)

Ergonomic assessment and recommendations for your workstation and home environment

Development of a personalized home exercise program to help you achieve your goals

Our Story

Evolve Physical Therapy was created as a response to the growing trend of declining quality in health care delivery. We are different. You will always receive the highest quality of care by working with an experienced, licensed physical therapist. No techs. No aides. No assistants. No double booking.

1:1 Personalized Care

Our Evolve Physical Therapy goal is to provide the best help that we can to ensure you have a healthy, more pain-free life! We do not have aids and assistants because we want all of our patients to get the right care and treatment plan from our most qualified physical therapists. We cut out the middle man to give you the most effective treatment.

Physical Therapy During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Evolve Physical Therapy continues to treat patients with acute pain or who need immediate care, specifically those with post-operative conditions or new injuries. We are, however, limiting traffic in our clinic to appointments only.

We offer this to minimize the demand on urgent care centers and emergency departments and minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, yet still serve our community responsibility.  

For those that need our services but are in a high-risk category or for those that prefer to minimize their public interaction, we are offering telehealth services to help you. Telehealth is a simple and effective tool that we make easy for you to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Physical Therapy

How quickly can I be seen?

When you need help, we’re here for you. We have appointments available within 48 hours from the time you call.

Is physical therapy painful?

For many patients, one of the primary objectives is pain relief. This is frequently accomplished with hands-on techniques, modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and/or heat or cold therapy. Movement often provides pain relief as well. Your physical therapist will provide you with the appropriate exercises not only for pain relief but to recover range of motion, strength, and endurance.

In some cases, physical therapy techniques can be painful. For example, recovering knee range of motion after total knee replacement or shoulder range of motion after shoulder surgery may be painful. Your physical therapist will utilize a variety of techniques to help maximize your treatment goals. It is important that you communicate the intensity, frequency, and duration of pain to your therapist. Without this information, it is difficult for the therapist to adjust your treatment plan.

What happens if my problem or pain returns?

Flare ups are not uncommon. If you have a flare up, give us a call and we’ll schedule you quickly to see what the problem is.

What treatment methods do your physical therapists use?

Our physical therapists use an array of techniques that are custom to your treatment plan. A combination of manual therapy, exercise activities, and patient education are used during your treatment.

How do you determine my treatment?

During your first appointment, your therapist will perform and objective evaluation and will then formulate a list of problems you have, and how to properly treat them. This treatment plan will be customized to you and your injuries.

How many visits do I need?

This is highly variable. You may need one visit or you may need months of care. It depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, your past medical history, etc. You will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis and when you see your doctor, we will provide you with a progress report with our recommendations.

What should I wear?

You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can expose the area that we will be evaluating and treating. For example, if you have a knee problem, it is best to wear shorts. For a shoulder problem, a tank top is a good choice, and for low back problems, wear a loose fitting shirt and pants, again so we can perform a thorough examination. Gym or athletic shoes are preferred since some of your treatment could involve the treadmill, bike, or other equipment.

What do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?

Make sure you bring your physical therapy referral (provided to you by your doctor) and your payment information. If your insurance is covering the cost of physical therapy, bring your insurance card. If you are covered by Workers’ Compensation, bring your claim number and your case manager’s contact information. If you are covered by auto insurance or an attorney lien, make sure you bring this information.