Bethany is one of the best places in Portland to live if you love spending time outdoors. The perfect mix of suburban life with easy access to plenty of things to do outdoors. It’s one of the many reasons we chose to open our second physical therapy clinic in Bethany Oregon.

If you enjoy getting outdoors and staying active, you’ll have no problem finding plenty to see and do around in our charming little corner of Portland. If you’re new to the area, or just want to know about the best outdoor activities in this lovely Portland suburb, here are a few of our favorites you should check out.

Grab Your Pup and Head To The Dog Park

bethany resident with their akita dog at Portland community college recreation center

Bethany is fortunate enough to be right by the Portland Community College Rock Creek Recreation Center which has a gorgeous and well-maintained dog park that you and your best friend can soak up the sun. It’s located at 17705 NW Springville Rd, on the east side of the PCC campus. 

Test Your Aim With Some Archery

Also at the Portland Community College Rock Creek is Bethany’s best open-air archery range. As part of the larger PCC Recreation Center, you can use this facility for $5 or less per day.

You just need to register with the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Department for an ID card and you can have access to a host of facilities including tennis and basketball courts. 

Take a Bike Ride

One of the best ways to explore Bethany is on a bike. Riding a bike is really a great, healthy way to get outside and enjoy Portland with your family. Also, a great way to incorporate a bit of physical activity into your day. 

With so many wonderful locations within a short distance of Bethany, consider riding a bike to visit a local restaurant, to do a little shopping, or peddle to one of our many local parks.

Most of our local parks also have bike trails that are great if you want to peddle on a more scenic setting or challenging trail.

Enjoy a Round of Golf

golf course is Bethany Oregon

Consider playing golf outside where you can work on your swing and attempt to get a hole in one. Some of the top places to play golf include Claremont Golf Club and Rock Creek Country Club. At each location, the grounds are polished and manicured with several challenges to accommodate seasoned and advanced players.

Take Your Kids to Pirate Park

If you have children in tow, be sure to stop by Pirate Park where they can run and play on the outdoor playground when it’s time for them to burn off some energy. 

The playground is in a peaceful and safe setting and features a water fountain. It’s right off of a long bike trail and is easy to access. As you probably guessed by the name, the playground has a pirate theme and comes with plenty of areas to climb, hop, and slide. A fantastic place for parents and kids to have a great time outdoors

Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Tualatin Hills Nature Park is another attraction in the local area that stands out for it’s lush setting. The nature park spans over 222 acres and is also a wildlife preserve. 

Visitors can come for the hiking and biking tours, as well as the staff and kids programs that are provided throughout the year. It has a small parking area for those who want to access the location easily. 

The paths are wide and well-groomed, and many of them are paved. It’s a favorite among Bethany residents to come birdwatch and spot herons and yellow-throat birds.

Visit Bethany Lake Park

Bethany Lake Park is another hot spot where you can enjoy a beautiful walk along the water. It’s a great place to take dogs or enjoy a picnic. You can also come to the lake to fish, which is well-stocked throughout the year if you want to catch bass or trout. Many people also come to view and explore the beautiful community garden on the grounds.

Knowing the top activities to participate in while spending time in Bethany can allow you to get more out of the setting and have plenty of places to explore. You can appreciate the natural beauty of the location and discover a few hidden gems along the way.        

Man kayaking at Bethany lake park

Take a Kayak Out On The Water

You don’t need to drive two hours to the coast to get some time on the water. You can spend time letting the stress float away at Bethany Lake Park as well. Recently, non-motorized crafts were allowed in the lake. So grab your kayak, canoe, or paddle-board and set sail in this adorable local pond.




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